Black Stallion Photography

Welcome to Black Stallion Country and thank you for stopping by...

Photography started off as a hobby for me and over time it grew on me – so much so that I now make a living from it.

Though I love photographing a variety of subjects, I spend most of my time photographing Corporate Events and some of my time photographing Weddings. With whatever free time I have left, I love getting out and photographing the subjects closest to my heart – Wildlife and Nature.

I have been fortunate in that some of my work has been published in various newspapers, magazines and online both in the UK and abroad and you can see the published images in the ‘Recognised Work’ Section of the Photo Gallery on our website at www.igallopfree.com.

I currently undertake projects in Rotorua, New Zealand as that is where I am based at the moment. So feel free to drop me a line if you’d like me to photograph an upcoming Corporate Event or Wedding. I am also open to taking on other photography projects and special commissions as well.

At this point I’ll stop talking and hand you over to my camera who will do the talking from here on... So feel free to trot around the various galleries below and hope you like what you see. If you have the time, why not gallop over to the other areas of Black Stallion Country by visiting www.about.me/blackstallionphotography.

Hope you enjoy your stay today and hope you can come back soon. And bring some friends along next time around; we'd love to meet them as well.


PS: All the galleries you see below are my personal projects and are predominantly of a general nature. If you'd like to see specific event / wedding galleries, feel free to drop me a line at blackstallionphotography@igallopfree.com